About Us

What is MealTime?

Mealtime is the best online food delivery app where you can have access to your favorite restaurants/food vendors with varieties of food to choose from. Enjoy different delicacies and flavors with prompt delivery service. You can have the meals you love delivered to your home, office or wherever you are with tracking features to help you track and monitor your orders all at your convenience


You can search for restaurants or food vendors anywhere in your city.


There are varieties of delicacies to choose from, click on the food you want, add to cart and have it delivered to your door step.


You can easily make payment online with your debit or credit card.


Enjoy your meal at the comfort of your home, office, wherever you are.

Choose from Over 300 Restaurants

There are over 20 restaurants and food vendors to choose from on the Mealtime app. Whatever your cravings are, pastries, local dishes, intercontinental dishes to cuisines, Mealtime got you covered. https://mealtime.ng/about