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Chicken Takeaway on Mealtime

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Chicken is arguably the most common poultry in the world which can be prepared in a vast range of ways including baking, grilling, frying, boiling and roasting. Chicken is preferred to red meat by most people, making it even more popular in meals as it is considered to have a high source of quality protein amongst other nutrients. You can order chicken online that has been specially prepared by the best restaurants in Abuja on mealtime.ng enjoy A la Veg Chicken, K-Grilled Chicken and Kati Kati Signature from Keje Grills. If you are looking for tasty Orange Chicken, you can order that from Honey Restaurant, Vegetable Rice and Chicken Sauce is available from Kuiknosh Cafe & Grills, are you craving Special Coconut Rice Peppered Chicken? Hotspot Restaurant got you! Place an order online now on mealtime.ng and we will have it delivered to you in minutes. Do you want a bite of Spicy Grilled Chicken Sandwich? Cluck’n Abuja have you covered, if you prefer Roasted Chicken, order it from Bulgaria milk & flesh.

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Nigerians especially love chicken and try to include it in special meals and on special occasions and holiday seasons, and have created special recipes like peppered chicken,chicken peppersoup among others. At Mealtime.ng we have grilled chicken, peppered chicken wings and roasted chicken as some of the options, you can also order your favourite freshly prepared chicken along with meals such as Jollof or fried rice, Pasta , Salad etc. via the Mealtime App.

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