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Shawarma, Sandwiches & Burger Takeaway on Mealtime

Order Shawarma Online in Abuja

Shawarma is a popular Arab dish consisting of thinly sliced meat which could be chicken or beef. Shawarma in Nigeria has become a popular snack loved by many people which has resulted in a huge boom in the business with shawarma spots and joints springing up in every corner of every city. Order Shawarma Online from the best restaurants in Abuja via Mealtime.ng and get home delivery to your location. We have beef shawarma and chicken shawarma, both can be prepared with or without sausage.

Order Sandwiches and Burgers Online

Sandwiches and burgers are not left out of the new favourites. Burgers have a grilled patty between two buns while a Sandwich can have a multitude of different fillings and shapes, however we may say that they’re both related and highly requested in Nigeria. If you are looking to order your favourite sandwich or burger online, search no further as we have you covered on mealtime, download the Mealtime food delivery app, place your order and have it prepared and delivered to your doorstep in minutes. We have a variety of sandwiches like the spicy grilled Chicken sandwich, Steak sandwich etc. We also have a variety of burgers available such as Egg in the hole, Mini burger etc.

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