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Soups Takeaway on Mealtime

Order Soup Online from the Best Restaurants in Abuja

Soup generally refers to liquid that comprises various ingredients and is served hot. In Nigeria, soups refer to sauces that accompany Swallows like Eba, Fufu, Pounded yam etc. Soups are very essential to Nigerian food recipes. It symbolizes great culture and traditions,as every culture has one or more specially made soup recognized as their unique soup. Order soup online via mealtime.ng and get fast delivery to your doorstep in Abuja.

Explore Variety of Soup on Mealtime

Most soups are very healthy and filled with nutrients,especially proteins and vegetables. Some Nigerian soups which you can order online on mealtime.ng include, Nsala soup,Bitterleaf soup,Efo riro (vegetable soup), Afang soup, Fisherman soup and more.

To enjoy Nigerian soup with any swallow of your choice, place your order online at mealtime.ng or with the Mealtime App and get swift delivery of your freshly prepared soup.

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