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Swallow Takeaway on Mealtime

Order Your Favourite Swallow with Delicious Soup Online

Swallows are made from different plants such as cassava, yam, plantain etc which are pounded or kneaded until they become soft and elastic. As the name suggests it is eaten not by chewing but by swallowing little portions with some soup or sauce. Order swallow online such as Amala, Pounded yam, Eba, Fufu, Semo etc with your favourite soup on mealtime.ng and get it delivered to your home or office within minutes.

Swallow is quite popular in Nigeria as it links to a lot of cultures and traditions in most tribes, e.g the Hausa Tuwo Shinkafa, the popular Yoruba Amala and the Igbo Fufu or Akpu. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or office to have a taste of your favourite swallow in Abuja, order online through mealtime.ng or download the Mealtime Food Delivery App from Google Playstore and get your meal delivered to you fast.

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