Fried Rice

Fried Rice

₦ 2,000.00

Unit Price

₦ 2,000.00

Where Hotspot Restaurant abuja Gwarimpa, abuja Duration

15-20 Mins


Fried Rice served with chicken (Hotspot Restaurant) Our delicious fried rice contains a special blend of spices. It is made fresh every day for lunch and dinner. We use a mix of both freshly chopped chilies, onions, garlic, carrots, green peas and more to bring your taste buds alive.Making it very simple for you to add any side dish of your choice to spice up your meal. Mixed fried rice with plantain and chicken served in an exceptional way by Keje grills restaurant that is guaranteed to win your heart away is what we are offering you today. This meal can be found in almost all the restaurants and eateries but the special taste by us makes it stand out. Great appearance, exceptional taste, and highly delicious flavour. Our Special Fried rice is one of the top favourites here. Order our special fried rice today! You will absolutely love our dish. Go ahead...order some’s worth trying!


Rice, chicken, carrots, sweetcorn, green peas, bell peppers



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