Vegetable Rice and Chicken Sauce

Vegetable Rice and Chicken Sauce

₦ 2,500.00

Unit Price

₦ 2,500.00

Where Kuiknosh Cafe & Grills Wuse, Abuja Duration

20-25 Mins


Vegetable Rice and Chicken Sauce (Kuiknosh) This sumptous vegetable rice with chicken Sauce is a must have. Satisfying your taste buds with every bite, this meal is as nutritious as they come. Highly satisfying and healthy as it is prepared in the most serene conditions. Vegetable rice and chicken sauce is one of the most ordered dishes . The dish comes with vegetables such as diced carrots, peas, diced peppers, cooked chicken and basmati rice drizzled. If you're looking for a light but filling meal, look no further than our popular vegetable rice with chicken sauce. It's healthy, affordable, and best of all, it tastes great! With its perfect blend of vegetables, meat, and rice, you'll be coming back for more in no time. Perfectly balanced ingredients are what make meals like these so good, they give us just enough variety to keep us happy while still keeping things simple. And when it comes to quality food at an affordable price that you can trust, think Kuiknosh.


Chicken, hot pepper, garlic, onion, Diced carrots, peas, diced peppers, chicken and basmati rice


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