Cafe la Roca

Apo, abuja


About this Restaurant

Cafe La Roca


Bics Garden,Apo-Lokogoma Road, Apo, Abuja.

Cafe La Roca is a Dine in, delivery, and takeout cafe is popularly known as the Grandmasters of platters in the FCT, Abuja. We're also known as the World of Good Food which is as a result of the really great meals prepared and served.

Cafe La Roca has a robust menu consisting of a variety of Rice meals, Pancakes, Spaghetti, Fries, Small chops, Pastries and Local dishes, all of which you can order online on . We have excellent packaging for takeouts as well as highly affordable prices which keeps our customers coming back. You can get a really good meal for just a small amount and that's a fact! Download the Mealtime App on Google Playstore and order your favourite meal from Cafe La Roca.

We also have specially made and customized drinks like Smoothies and our Star Yogurzobo Drink which is an upgrade of the popular and regular Zobo drink made from the Hibiscus plant. You don't have to worry about not enjoying any of these because you can order any meal on our menu via and have this delivered to your doorstep as quickly as you can imagine.

Directions to this Restaurant

Address: Bics Garden, apo-lokogoma, Apo, abuja